15th- 16th August 2019
University of Lagos, Nigeria

Conference Proceedings

A Comparative Analysis of Four Label Extraction Algorithms for Crowdsourced Data
An Intelligent Bird Scaring System for Cereal Farms
WOODS Nancy Chinyere,AHMED Mufutau Olawale
Comparative Analysis of Hybridized Data Mining Models for Heart Diseases
Credit Card Fraud Detection using k-star Machine Learning Algorithm
DADA Emmanuel Gbenga,MAPAYI Temitope, OLAIFA Olowasogo Moses,OWOLAWI Pius Adewale
Cryptocurrency Price Prediction Using Long Short Term Memory Modeling and Social Media Sentiment
O.P Akomolafe,Oluwafikayo Sanni
Decision Support System such as the Observatory and Related Issues
Fleur Nadine NDJOCK
Design and Implementation of a Speech-to-text Converter for Integration with Customer Relationship Management Applications
ADEBISI John Adetunji,ABDULSALAM ,adeejah Adebisi,AKHIGBE Bernard Ijesunor,AFOLABI Babajide Samuel
Development of Deep Learning Model on Mushroom Dataset towards Classifying Poisonous Mushroom with Feature Selection
Evaluation of Diagnostic Analysis and Predictive Analysis for Decision Making
ALABI Olubunmi F.,DAVID Amos
Framework for developing a Health Decision Support System
Amos DAVID,Ajibade ADESIYUN,Tolulope DAVID,Abhulimen E. KINGSLEY
Improved Trust Worthiness in Electrical Energy Management Using K-Means Augmented Blockchain Technology
Intégration de l’axe de prévention primaire dans la communication contre le cancer au Cameroun
Knowledge Management System for University System: A Case Study of University of Ibadan-Academic and Administrations
Pipeline Surveillance and Leakage Detection System with IoT and UAV
Semantic Enabled Profile Recommender for Social Coding Platform
Simplifying Modelling Process, Data Analysis and Data Visualization by Separating and Optimizing Feature Engineering
BENJAMIN Ben Chukwuemeka,DAVID Amos
Technological Discourse and Timetable Systems: Framework Development

Other Presentations

Machine Augmenting Human Knowledge and Intelligence with Knowledge Graph
Emeka Okoye
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  • July 19, 2019 : Notification to authors
  • August 5, 2019 : Deadline for registration
  • July 26, 2019 : Deadline for Camera-ready
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